Supreme Website Committee Openings

Information received from Supreme Temple: 

The Supreme Temple Website Committee is looking for talent to join our team! If you are a team planner, have the desire to learn, can jump in when last-minute deadlines are given, are great with time management, can commit an average of 8 – 9 hours a month, and possess the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner, then please complete the application.

Website Committee Job Description: A website committee, sometimes called website administrators or webmasters, works to maintain a cohesive design for the organization’s website, Facebook, Constant Contact, and other social media, and increase its online marketing and communications presence. Successful committee members need a thorough knowledge of website design practices and should keep up with trends in marketing, including social networking strategies. Candidates should have experience in marketing, design, or communications, and be proficient in using design software.

Job Duties: The Supreme Temple Website committee will ensure publishing of content, maintaining continuity of themes, designing layout, streamlining navigation, and increasing online presence to

We Need Your Help

Hi ladies, we need your help, and we need it like never before.

The Covid19 pandemic has been unkind to us – unkind to us in many ways.  Our country, our community, our ways of life, and all the nice and wonderful things we enjoyed have suffered.  And it continues.  It has become apparent we cannot just sit back any longer, let the pandemic run its course, and hope that soon our lives will be back to normal.  While we’re doing all we can do to reduce or eliminate the virus, our lives go on; we must pay bills, we sadly must say goodbye to our faithful members.  During this time, we have been prevented from initiating new members, holding fundraisers, and just getting together to enjoy each other’s company, and support each other through these difficult months.  As a result, the temple is now experiencing budget and membership issues, which are creeping towards a crisis.  Already this year (since April 1st) we have lost 14 members to death.

How can you help?  We are requesting, even imploring our current members to help us in getting new members, keeping the ones we have, and restoring those we have lost. 

Please, please, please,

Congratulations to Supreme Appointees

Hello ladies.  We just concluded an historic event for Daughters of the Nile – a 100% virtual Supreme Session.  Congratulations to the following Nydia Temple members who received Supreme Appointments: 

  PQ Kathy Walliker, Supreme Princess Zuliema

  PQ Judy Smith, Member of the Supreme Action Team

  PQ Jennifer Moyer, Member of the Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee

  PQ Ann Myers, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Northwest Area

  PQ Paulette Schlee, Supreme Temple Canadian Flag Escort

  PQ Laurie Winchester, Supreme Temple American Flag Escort

  PQ Sharon Kelley, Supreme Temple Banner Escort

The Supreme Session Program and the Supreme Queen’s Travel Itinerary may be found on the Daughters of the Nile Website, www.daughtersofthenile.com

Queen Gail’s Visits to Nile Clubs

  • August 24th Coastal Nile Club;
  • September 15th Bend Nile Club;
  • September 16th Dallas Nile Club;
  • September 22nd Three Sisters Nile Club;
  • October 12th Tirzah Nile Club;
  • October 18th Corvallis Nile Club;
  • October 20th Beth Eden and Pendleton Nile Clubs;
  • October 26th NEON Nile Club;
  • November 1st Salem Nile Club;
  • November 5th Woodburn Nile Club;
  • November 8th Nite Lites Nile Club;
  • November 9th Forest Hills Nile Club;
  • November 16th Eastmont Nile Club;
  • December 6th Zenobia Nile Club;
  • December 13th North Clackamas Nile Club;
  • January 25th Halos Nile Club

Do You Venmo?

Good news – Nydia Temple can now accept Venmo payments
This is another option available to our members (along with existing payment methods of cash, check, or credit card).
For Nydia Temple, find account name Jennifer-Moyer-60 (phone 2562 if asked to verify).
This Venmo account is linked to Nydia Temple’s bank account. When a transfer is received from a member’s Venmo account, the Pr. Recorder immediately transfers it into the Temple bank account and the Pr. Banker enters the transaction into the Temple’s Quickbooks.
It’s all done electronically – instantly and easily. The best part, NO FEES!
Want a little bit more information about Venmo?

Venmo Information Sheet:

Nydia Temple can now receive money thru Venmo. This is another option available to our members, in addition to receiving payment by cash, check, or credit card.

Venmo is a process, or a service, allowing funds to be sent electronically from one person to another.

1. FAST – the payment is transferred instantly and received instantly.
2. SECURE – it’s run by PayPal.
3. FREE – no fees. No need to add any additional fee to your payment, or for Nydia Temple to incur a loss in fees with credit card payments.

Never Giving Up

In celebration of Queen Holly Austin, her daughter, our own Princess Angie Kopshy has written a fun and beautiful song about Shriners Kids called “Never Giving Up”. She has recorded this song (including a YouTube video) and it is now for sale with proceeds benefiting Shriners Healthcare for Children thru the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. Her band, known as Stoneface Honey, will donate 100% of each downloaded song, and 70% of each purchased CD to the DON Foundation.

Below are the links to download the song, purchase the CD, and watch the video. (Also, CD’s will be available at Nydia Temple’s stated sessions for purchase.)

Never Giving Up can be downloaded as a single or an album through:

Our website: http://www.stonefacehoney.com

Specific link on our website for digital or physical CD: https://stonefacehoney.com/album/1511968/never-giving-up

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/never-giving-up/1501714326

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085J22LZK/…

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7HPSQ81nOLnfztpy1JonAA?si=sLau8kHZT0eP9_QGrJOPvQ

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/stonefacehoney

The video can be found on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7oqSn3WMT_s

October Stated Session by Zoom

Dear Ladies of the Household,

Nydia Temple No. 4 is delighted to announce the initiation of one, and possibly more, new members, by an Obligation Only Ceremony prior to our October Session this Wednesday. (Keep those proposals coming in, so we can triple that number in January, or better!) 

This month we are meeting again via Zoom.  By so doing, we honor the dictum of Al Kader’s Potentate, that

October Stated Session

Due to pandemic regulations at the Shrine Center, the October stated session will be held on Zoom, rather than in person.  But, exciting news – we will begin the stated session with an Obligation-Only Ceremony, and have a new member join us.  The Zoom link and other information will be coming out closer to the October 6th session.  I hope many of you can join us to welcome our new member.


September Stated Session on Zoom

Ladies, after careful consideration, it is clear to me that it would be in the best interest of our Temple and our ladies to hold the September stated session via Zoom, rather than in person.  I am truly disappointed, however, I feel it’s important to heed the warnings of the virus and its variants, and to follow the new rules of the State of Oregon and the Al Kader Shrine Center.

The September Stated Session will be held by Zoom on Wednesday, September 1st, starting at 12:30

Nydia Temple is Recognized by the Foundation

At our first virtual Supreme Session held last week, Nydia Temple was honored for contributions made in 2020.  Nydia Temple remains a member of the Foundation Club, giving a total of $15,462.  (The Foundation Club recognizes Temples who contribute $10,000+ each year.) 

For Holiday Sharing – we won 1st place!  For donations to the Rose Garden, we won 4th place!  Woo-hoo!!

Since the Daughters of the Nile began giving to the hospitals, we have given over $68 million.  Sure feels good to be a part of that.

It was announced that the Daughters of the Nile Foundation will present $1,720.000 to

May’s Mid-Month Social on Zoom

Dear Officers of Daughters of the Nile and Ladies of the Household,

I want to remind you, and hope you will put on your calendar,  that we are going to meet socially at 5:00 on Wednesday, May 19, via Zoom.  Please contact either PQ Kathy Walliker (kathywalliker@gmail.com) or PQ Jennifer Moyer, Pr. Recorder (nydiatempleno4@gmail.com) for the link.

Please think about your all-time favorite movie or book, and share it with the rest of us.  Let us know what you love about it, and we will all take notes.  During this continued time of pandemic quarantine, it helps us so much

May Stated Session

Reminder that our May stated session will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, May 5th, starting at 12:30 pm.  Contact either PQ Kathy Walliker or PQ Jennifer Moyer for the meeting link information. 

Also, looking ahead, please put on your calendars, and plan to attend, the visit of our Supreme Queen and Ceremonial on Monday, July 12th.  It is important to turn in proposals to be read at the stated session.  Proposals are turned in to the Princess Recorder prior to the session, or if you wish to send her the lady’s information, she will complete the form for

April’s Mid-Month Social, by Zoom

Dear Ladies of the Household,

Hi everyone, due to popular request, the mid-month social by Zoom will be on April 21st, rather than April 14th.   The time remains the same at 5:00 pm.  For the trivia question – which zoom link will work to join on April 21st?  The final answer is either one will work.  If you don’t already have the link and need it, contact either PQ Jennifer Moyer at nydiarecorderno4@gmail.com or PQ Kathy Walliker at kathywalliker@gmail.com.  Thank you everyone, and hope to see many of you there.  Remember to bring a joke,

April Stated Session by Zoom

Dear Nydia Ladies of the Household, I am honored and proud to be your new Queen for the 2021-2022 Nile year.  We are continuing to be in a world of quarantine and masking, but time will come when we can meet and celebrate our mission and friendships together.  Thank you dear installing officers and all of you who made our event a huge success.  We have received wonderful feedback about it.

It’s already time for the first stated session of this new year, which will be held on Zoom (as will the May stated session), on Wednesday, April 7th, starting

Recipe Contest



The Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee is in a pickle and needs help from talented Ladies of the Household.

We have been stewing about our new handbook of ideas to help Recruit, Retain, Reinstate, and Mentor the members of Daughters of the Nile. It is obvious that we need some new ingredients and recipes cooked up to get us serving up some fruitful dishes or should we say – Members?

March 31, 2021 is the deadline to get your Temple’s recipe submitted to the Executive Chef, PSQ Laura Richardson. Send

Open Installation of Officers

Nydia Temple No. 4, Daughters of the Nile will hold our Installation of Officers for the 2021-22 term on Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 2:00 PM. The ceremonies will be via a Zoom Session due to an abundance of caution during the ongoing pandemic. Everyone is welcome, as this is an Open Installation. Princess Gail Martin will be installed as Queen. To obtain the link for this Ceremony, please contact Kathy Walliker, PQ or Princess Recorder Jennifer Moyer, PQ. Please join us!

March Zoom Social and Pandemic Fashion Show

Hello ladies. Come and have fun with us at our last Zoom social get together for my year. Join us on Wednesday, March 17th at 5:00 pm (Pacific Time). We will be having a Pandemic Fashion Show – we want to see how you really dress during a lock-down. Use your imagination on this one. To get the Zoom link, please contact Pr. Recorder PQ Jennifer Moyer at www.nydiarecorderno4@gmail.com or PQ Kathy Walliker at www.kathywalliker.com. Hope to see many of you there, Queen Holly.

Mentor Training Workshop Offered Again

Due to circumstances with weather, power, and other roadblocks to the first virtual class; the Mentor Training Workshop will be repeated for Nydia Temple members. We will be presenting the newly updated and improved workshop on Sunday, March 14th at 2:00 PM. Interested ladies should register with the Princess Recorder by email at nydiarecorderno4@gmail.com or phone at 503-888-2562. The Zoom link will be sent prior to the workshop. All handouts will be sent via email, as well. If you missed the class or have an opportunity to join us this time just let us know. The workshop is open

Stated Session – March 3, 2021

Ladies, our March session is nearly upon us; join us March 3 at 12:30pm via Zoom. We will hold election of officers at this session.

Also, at this session we elect our five Ladies of the Household voting delegates for Supreme Session. Anyone wishing to be considered to be a LOH delegate, please submit your name via email (or phone call) to our Princess Recorder before session time on Wednesday.

Because we had a small problem with the zoom meeting information getting out to non-members, it has become necessary for each member wishing to attend, to email either the Recorder at nydiarecorderno4@gmail.com

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