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Did You KnowMarch, 2021

  1. Did you know that the first step in creating a new member is for a current member to submit a Proposal for Membership?  These proposals can be downloaded and printed from Nydia Temple’s website found under the Members tab.  Also, the proposal, and pocket-sized proposals, can be printed from the Supreme website found under the Information for Members tab. Also on this page is a great explanation of our proposal and petition process.  The Princess Recorder can always mail forms to any member when requested.
  2. Did you know that your tax returns can help the Daughters of the Nile Foundation?  For every new client who files their taxes with H&R Block or Block Advisors, $20 will be donated to our foundation, and the best part is that the donation amount is unlimited.  For more information click here.  (Note: The Daughters of the Nile Foundation does not promote or endorse the products and services of this company.)
  3. Did you know the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland received the 2020 Guardian of Excellence Award for Patient Experience in Inpatient Pediatric. Press Ganey presents this award to hospitals that have reached the 95th percentile for patient experience, employee or physician engagement, or clinical quality performance. Being recognized in the category for “patient experience” means that the Portland Shriners Hospital ranked higher than 95% of other hospitals when it comes to the quality of the patient experience. Press Ganey presents these awards annually based on one year of data.

Reported by JPQ Kathy Walliker

Did You KnowJanuary, 2021

1. Did you know that Nydia Temple donated the first sum of money to start the newly formed CRA (Convalescent Relief Account)? The CRA Account was established in 1925 when Nydia Member Winifred Lea was Supreme Queen. Because of this connection, Nydia Temple was honored to kick off the fund with the first deposit. Our charitable work continues in earnest, with Nydia Temple donating over $15,400 to the Foundation last year alone.

2. Did you know that you can be a Valentine’s Day pen pal with a patient at the Portland Shriners Hospital? The hospital is inviting Shriners and Ladies to send Valentine’s Day cards to patients at the Portland Shriners Hospital. For all those that choose to participate, you will receive a special note from our patients in return! Simply send a Valentine’s Day card by Thursday, February 11th addressed to:

Portland Shriners Hospital
ATTN: Marketing & Communications
3101 SW Sam Jackson Park RD
Portland, OR 97239

Because a patient’s stay in our inpatient unit varies so much, we are unable to provide specific patient names. Instead, we ask you to submit a generic note that could spread cheer to any patient that reads it. We will pass all received Valentine’s cards to patients at random. Out of respect to the various religious beliefs of our patients and families, please avoid religious references.

Thank you, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Did You KnowDECEMBER 2020

1. Did you know that the membership pin, received by each new Lady of the Household during her initiation into Daughters of the Nile, have been given out to each new member since 1914? The emblematic pin was described by the founders as an important symbol of the ladies’ worthy efforts. It is similar to the Shrine emblem, consisting of a green scimitar with golden crescent, and in the center is a white rose. The white rose, an important symbol of our order, represents purity and love (or innocence).

2. Did you know the Daughters of the Nile Foundation’s Stepping Stone to Happiness was introduced in 1955? This was also the beginning of the My Gift Program, which allows donors to make a contribution to the Endowment Fund and receive a gift in return. Visit www.donfdn.org to see the many beautiful items that have been added over the years.

3. Did you know that the Portland Shriners Hospital has a Facebook page? Yes, it’s “Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland” The hospital staff posts fun and interesting things going on around the hospital. Check it out.

Thank you, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Did You Know

November 2020

  1. Did you know that Nydia Temple has a special book where our members can make a donation in memory of someone special? The Nydia Temple Memory Books are displayed at every session and contain memorials to princesses, husbands and family members, friends – anyone who was special in someone’s life. A $5 donation given to Nydia Temple goes directly to the Convalescent Endowment Fund and is a wonderful way to remember a loved one. The Memory Book Remembrances are entered into our permanent book and the donor receives a lovely note card for the family. For more information, ask the Princess Recorder.
  2. Did you know that you can make a donation to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation thru your PayPal account? Simply choose the Daughters of the Nile Foundation as your favorite charity and click the DONATE NOW button. Donations are automatically sent and PayPal covers all the fees, so 100% of your donation is received by the Foundation. Also, it’s tax deductible.
  3. Did you know that Shriners Hospitals for Children is excited to premiere the Stories of Love Telethon on 12/5/20, in partnership with Circle Network and the Grand Ole Opry?  The 2-hour TV special will feature in-depth stories of our own National Patient Ambassadors, as well as musical performances by artists such as Brad Paisley, Kechi, Trace Adkins, CeCe Winans, and more! CLICK HERE for more details.  We hope you can tune in and join us on December 5th!

Submitted by JPQ Kathy Walliker

Did You Know
1. Did you know that Nydia Temple has a mission statement? Yes, it was written by the Membership and Strategic Planning Committee a couple of years ago. If you would like to read it, simply turn to the back page of the Nydian newsletter – it is included in each edition.

2. Did you know that the Daughters of the Nile Foundation can receive matching gifts from employers? Yes, many companies offer matching gift programs as a way to encourage employees to contribute to 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some may even contribute more. Some companies will make charitable contributions to organizations you support with your volunteer time. This is a great way to double, or sometimes even triple, the impact of your giving.

3. Due to the COVID pandemic, the Shriners Children’s Hospital – Portland has implemented telehealth home visits. This allows the physicians and outpatient clinic staff to monitor patients from the safety of their homes. This program is called Fast Track Virtual Visits, using video software to provide a convenient alternative for families who may be travelling long distances or unable to visit the hospital due to COVID-19.

Submitted by JPQ Kathy Walliker

Did You KnowSeptember 2020

1. Did you know that Supreme Temple recognizes the legacy of our members? The Legacy Program is open to Daughters of the Nile members who have either a living or deceased family member(s) who is/was a DON member. A pin and certificate is given to all living members from Supreme Temple. The form to apply for the Legacy Program can be found on the Supreme Website (www.daughtersofthenile.com under the “Forms for the Princess Recorder” tab). Or contact Nydia’s Princess Recorder PQ Jennifer Moyer (503-888-2562 or nydiarecorderno4@gmail.com) for assistance.

2. Did you know that Nydia Temple was recently honored with a 1st place certificate for the Nydian Newsletter? Yes, in the categories of temples with 190+ membership, Nydia Temple received this recognition. Princess Pam Davis works diligently to put together the Nydian Newsletter with articles submitted by members of Nydia Temple. It is posted on the website, and also mailed to each member thru the U. S. Mail. Keeping our ladies informed is important, and this is one of our most important tools; and we’re glad that Supreme Temple sees that too.

3. Did you know that Portland Shriners Hospital was recently recognized to be in the top 50 for Best Children’s Hospitals by U.S. News and World Report? A joint application was submitted along with OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, resulting in being number 44 on the list. Several other Shriners Hospitals for Children locations are also included.

Submitted by JPQ Kathy Walliker

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