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Queen Message March, 2023

Thank you, Nydia members, for putting your faith in me by electing me as your Queen.  I will do my upmost best representing Nydia Temple during 2023.

I have chosen my counterpart emblem, the dragonfly.  My Supreme officer, Patty Larimore, felt it best represents her dragging her suitcase through the airport and flying.  Thus dragonfly.

I found a quote I really like regarding dragonflies, “With the dawn of each new day the dragonfly brings hope and joy.”

As members it is our hope our donations to Shriners Children’s through our Foundation will improve the quality of life for a Shriner patient and for the joy the child will have when achieving a new milestone.

For the members of Nydia Temple, it’s the hope we will meet our goals and achieve our mission.  The joy we gain in our accomplishments and joy and fun we have meeting socially.

For Nydia Temple to achieve its goals we need a strong membership.  One way is by increasing our membership.  I am hoping all members will join with me in achieving our goal of bringing in 35 new members during 2023.  To show how strongly I feel about this goal.  I am prepared to donate $5 to our Foundation for every new proposal read at Session.  For each new member we bring in I will donate $10 to Nydia’s general fund.

We also need to retain our existing membership.  Some ways we will do this is through quarterly newsletters, keep our Facebook page updated, weekly updates using Constant Contact, meaningful Sessions, and social events.  Our Membership committee has planned four separate social events which you can brings friends and family to participate.  There will also be a spring luncheon, holiday event and a member appreciation event.

Please join me in making Nydia Temple No. 4 a strong viable temple, making lasting friendships and having fun while meeting our mission, helping Shriners Children’s patients through Daughters of the Nile Foundation.

Nile Love,

Queen Donna L Gray

Temple News

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for upcoming events.April 5, 2023 – This will be the first Session of the year. Come dressed for Nydia’s Birthday party celebration.April 23, 2023 - Nydia’s Spring Luncheon, “Garden Party Dragonfly Style”, will be held at Colwood Golf Center starting at 11:30 am. Cost is $35, please contact Pr. Recorder, Jennifer Moyer PQ, for credit card or Venmo payment. Tickets will be available for purchase at our next Session April 5, 2023. Please contact Deb Baugh for more information. Tickets must be prepaid no later than April 11, 2023 and can be picked at the door.April 28, 2023

A New Queen’s Robe

For those members attending Nydia Temple’s Installation on March 19th may have noticed I was wearing a different robe.  Not to take away from the historical purple robe with the very long train nor the beautiful robe designed and worn by Kathy Walliker for Nydia Temple 100th Anniversary, both robes were little, large for someone under five feet tall. Both Pr. Linda Hatch and PQ Holly Austin felt they too would feel better in a robe with a shorter train.  So, the three of us collaborated along with JPQ Nancy’s input designing a queen’s robe scaled for those of

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