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Nydian Newsletter cover February 2017
Nydian Newsletter

Nydia Temple No. 4
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Nydia Temple No. 4 Queen's Message

Queen Jennifer Moyer

Dear Ladies of the Household

Our first session is completed and the officers are to be commended for their outstanding work. I'm so proud of each of them. Nydia Handmaidens are awesome! Each one took on the job she was given and did well. Thank you to each and every officer and Handmaiden, you make the Queen look good!

After an urgent call for proposals for membership, we received 18 names to be balloted on at the May session. To show my appreciation for the Ladies that are committed to growing our Order, I will have a small gift and a certificate for the "Champion Proposal Providers" at each session. There will, also, be an award at the end of this term for the Lady bringing in the highest number of proposals.

Ladies were given the opportunity to purchase our new look-alike shirts and jacket before and after session. Rick from Titan Global Industries brought a good supply of the beautiful hibiscus colored shirts and black jackets which had already been embroidered with our Nydia Temple logo. In the near future, ladies can access his website to order their own items by going to the Nydia site and clicking on his link. Watch for an email blast to let you know when the link is operational.

The term is off to a wonderful start. There is much more in store and lots of exciting things coming up. The line officers are brain storming and working diligently to make changes and improvements that will keep Nydia vibrant and alive. Please help us with this challenge. We ARE listening!

All we need is Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust,

Queen Jennifer

Temple News

Reminder - May Stated Session

Greetings, Ladies of the Household!

Our next session is coming very soon. I hope to see you on Wednesday, May 3rd when we will be honoring our wonderful Past Queens. Lasagna lunch is being prepared by the North Clackamas Nile Club and should be very tasty. Lunch starts at 11:15 am, session starts at 12:30 pm.  Keep those proposals coming in; we are on track to have a lovely, large class for the Supreme Queen's visit in August. See you at Session!

Queen Jennifer

PS – Did you know that in 2017, the Portland Shriners Hospital volunteers gave 13,730 hours to the hospital?  This helped rank the city of Portland as 7th of the largest cities in the country for volunteerism!  Wow, pats on our backs.

Please Read - Important Info From Pr. Recorder

Ladies, I am sending out dues notices and discovered an incorrect mailing address for me.  Both of the addresses printed on the return mail envelope are incorrect.

Please, please, double check the address to make sure it’s correct.  Some were caught before being mailed, but not all.  Since so many ladies pay their dues promptly, I would hate to have any lost in the mail.

Thank you so much for helping me and please share this information with ladies who may not have access to email.

With many thanks, PQ Paulette Schlee, Princess Recorder

The Nydian Newsletter - it's in the mail

Ladies, did you receive a copy of the Nydian newsletter in your mailbox today, and you asked why?  Good question, and the answer is that your line officers have decided to start again mailing the newsletter to each member. 
A couple of years ago, in order for our members to be better informed in a more timely fashion, the Nydian mailing was increased to five times a year, rather than three.  But then, at the same time, to save costs, those with email addresses were instructed to read it on the website, rather than receive it thru the U.S. Mail.  Since then, we heard a lot of complaints about the numerous problems of receiving the newsletter by email and/or posted on the website to read.  In addition, there were a lot of ladies who never received it, and did not realize it, so didn't know to say anything.  There just have been too many to ignore.
So, we made the decision to return to mailing the Nydian to all members.  We feel it is worth the little extra cost to keep ALL of our members informed.
There has not been any changes to the email list, and the Nydian is still being posted on the website, where you can find the current and past editions.  We definitely want to keep all our ladies informed, and continue to make improvements in this area.  Good communication is always a challenge, and the more ways we keep our members informed, the better.

Hospital News

Portland Shriners Hospital announces a unique collaboration

News from Davene Dietzler-Marihart, Director of Business Development, Shriners Hospitals for Children - Portland
Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland, the region’s largest pediatric orthopedic group, and Providence Children’s Health, a leader in caring for children in Oregon, announce a unique collaboration that expanded pediatric orthopedic services starting last October.
Pediatric orthopedic surgeons from the Portland Shriners Hospital are also now embedded in Providence Pediatric Orthopedics located at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. These teams care for muscle, bone, and joint concerns in newborns, children and teens. This includes care in the Children’s Emergency Department, surgery, hospital and outpatient clinic.  “Children aren’t just small adults; caring for their growing bones requires a specialized approach,” said Resa Bradeen, M.D., senior medical director, Providence Children’s Health. “This collaboration brings experts together to offer the best care for children and their families.”
The Portland Shriners Hospital is recognized internationally for their expertise in pediatric orthopedics. Partnering with caregivers on the Providence St. Vincent campus further expands seamless care for the tens of thousands of children Providence serves each year. It also supports and strengthens the organizations’ mutual commitment to provide compassionate care through service to others.
“Shriners Hospital is honored to work with Providence Children’s Health and views this collaboration as a great benefit to our patients. Building on each organization’s unique strengths, the ultimate winners are the children who receive top quality care in an environment that is most appropriate to their medical need,” said J. Craig Patchin, Administrator, Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland.  The Shriners Hospital doctor assigned to the Providence Hospital is Dr. Heather Kong.
Shriners Hospitals for Children — Portland is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, research and outstanding medical education. The Portland Shriners Hospital focuses on a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, from fractures to rare diseases and syndromes. All services are provided in a family-centered environment, regardless of the families' ability to pay
Providence Children’s Health is a leader in caring for children – especially those with special health care needs. Tens of thousands of children in Oregon and Southwest Washington are served each year through Providence’s clinics, hospitals and health plans. One in five children begins their life in a Providence facility, more than any other health system in Oregon. Two neonatal intensive care units and a pediatric intensive care unit serve the region’s most fragile newborns, children and teens. Providence is the largest provider of emergency care for kids in Oregon and also offers immediate care and virtual visits. A full range of pediatric specialty and subspecialty providers are available around the clock. Education and family support helps every child reach their full potential.

April, 2016, Nydian and Portland Hospital Stats Available on the Website

The Portland Shriners Hospital just wrapped up “Divan Days”, which is two days of sharing information and hospital updates with the officers of the Shrine Centers that support the Portland Hospital.  Shared there were the 2015 statistics for the Portland Hospital, as listed below:
            6,401   Number of active patients
               348   Inpatient surgeries
               772   Outpatient surgeries
            1,120   TOTAL number of surgeries
               5.8    Average daily census
               6.5    Average length of stay (days)
            11,653 Outpatient Visits (includes Outreach)
              299   Employees
              157   Volunteers
            13,751 Volunteers hours worked in the hospital
            5,239   Physical therapy visits
            1,831   Occupational therapy visits
            1,125   Speech therapy visits
               657   Recreational therapy visits
            7,160   Total in-house radiology procedures
            2,654   EOS imaging exams
            2,697   Orthotics delivered – Portland Hospital
            1,783   Orthotics delivered – Spokane and St. Louis Hospitals
               218   Prosthetics delivered – Portland Hospital
               242   Prosthetics delivered – Spokane and St. Louis Hospitals

Have you seen our Shriners Hospitals for Children ads on TV lately?

Have you seen our Shriners Hospitals for Children ads on TV lately?  Some of your members have concerns, so please let us take this opportunity to clarify the purpose behind the ads.

The annual budget to operate our 22 hospitals is about $750 million. In 2008-10 a severe downturn in the stock market was devastating to our charitable endowment fund.  Because of this, Shriners began a process to close 4 or 5 hospitals and to reduce corresponding medical and support staff.

During the next two annual Imperial sessions, our delegates debated this for many long sessions.  Finally, Shriners worldwide took a bold stand and voted to keep all hospitals open.  For 80 years we had relayed upon our endowment fund to support our hospitals. We decided to work harder and smarter- creating other sources of income, improving our investment strategy, followed by a decision to bill insurance companies, which had never been done.

In only one year’s time the impossible was accomplished. A system was developed to accept third party payments – which includes insurance. However, this has not bridged the gap.  Insurance companies and Medicare reimburse only about a quarter of all our patient’s medical expenses. So, we have looked at other children’s charitable organizations for solutions and copied their successful efforts, which include use of television advertising.

Following the crisis, a comprehensive PR program began, intended to educate the public who Shriners are, how we help children and to seek out different and new donor sources. You recognize the program entitled “Love to the Rescue”.  TV ads first concentrated on our mission, telling stories of our tremendous medical efforts to help children lead better lives, regardless of their parent’s ability to pay. This progressed into today’s campaign, asking the public to support our mission through their generous donations.

This program is part of doing business, as other non-profits have done.  If we continued business as usual, our endowment fund would be in jeopardy again. Fortunately, the ads are well received.  Shriners Hospitals for Children are no longer a well kept secret.  Our “silent messenger” is no longer silent and the public’s response continues to be very positive and fortunately cost effective.

Daughters of the Nile, thank you for your continued understanding and support.  We certainly appreciate what you all do to embrace our mission, helping us in many, many ways to provide special children with quality medical services.
Shriners are very proud of your organization.   The Daughters are the second largest source of our charitable funding, next to Shriners themselves and without your ongoing support, our mission to help children cannot continue.

PS: If you have further concerns about the ad campaign, Kay Weber, Portland Hospital Community Relations Department welcomes your questions.

Bob Walliker, PP
Board of Governors,
Portland Shriners Hospital for Children

Shriners Hospital - Portland

3101 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239-3009.
Phone: 503-241-5090.

Nydian Newsletter cover February 2017
Nydian Newsletter

Nydia Temple No. 4
515 NE 135th Street
Vancouver, WA 98685-2813
Phone: 360-607-7801
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