Information received from Supreme Temple: 

The Supreme Temple Website Committee is looking for talent to join our team! If you are a team planner, have the desire to learn, can jump in when last-minute deadlines are given, are great with time management, can commit an average of 8 – 9 hours a month, and possess the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner, then please complete the application.

Website Committee Job Description: A website committee, sometimes called website administrators or webmasters, works to maintain a cohesive design for the organization’s website, Facebook, Constant Contact, and other social media, and increase its online marketing and communications presence. Successful committee members need a thorough knowledge of website design practices and should keep up with trends in marketing, including social networking strategies. Candidates should have experience in marketing, design, or communications, and be proficient in using design software.

Job Duties: The Supreme Temple Website committee will ensure publishing of content, maintaining continuity of themes, designing layout, streamlining navigation, and increasing online presence to current and future members. Committee members should have knowledge of search engine analytics to maximize traffic to websites. The committee members should be familiar with publishing and design software in order to maintain client websites. They should also have strong communication skills and an up-to-date awareness of marketing techniques and website design programs. At least one member should have graphic design experience.

Anyone interested, please contact PQ Jennifer Moyer, Princess Recorder, or PQ Kathy Walliker for the application.